Special Offers

Anantara Thai Chic

Come dressed in fabulous Thai national dresses and enjoy an amazing 50% Discount on our International Gourmet Buffet Dinner at Riverside Terrace. learn more

Celebrate White Asparagus Season

Enjoy one of spring’s most celebrated vegetables from Europe, the white asparagus. Famous for its health benefits and delicious flavour. learn more

Full flavour with great pleasure

We are delighted to offer a special one price menu THB 749++ Lunch per person and one price menu THB 1499++ Dinner per person. learn more

Brio's Specials 'Alessandro's Gourmet'

Chef Alessandro presents a selection of daily specials “Alessandro’s Gourmet” that offer dishes that are cooked with his passion for healthy cooking. Look forward to enjoying dishes that are sophisticated in flavours and presentation, and great in taste and freshness. learn more